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When unexpected health challenges intrude upon your day-to-day life, it’s easy to feel lost and alone. Let’s face it, no one wants to be ill or to face levels of inability. In fact, we’ll do just about anything to dodge such upheaval.

Significant illness and physical inability have the power to uproot your life. It’s as if you wake up one morning and instead of stepping into the shower you step into a blender. Suddenly there you are …whirling around in darkness trying to figure out how to stop this bloody thing!

Maybe you know how this feels.

  • Do you wake up each day and wonder where your life went?
  • Do you dread coping with the medical madness that has become your world?
  • Do you miss feeling like an important contributor to your family and friends?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you’re in the right place at the right time (aka – here).

Clearly, your life has changed (without your permission) and you need a flashlight

to help you find your way through the dark fog of illness.

Allow me to share some light and show you a few shortcuts. 
GOD (or some other big cheese in charge) knows I’ve been-there-done-that with all the medical mumbo jumbo nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to agree that having to put your best foot forward when you can’t even get it out of bed, sucks. There’s just no way to candy-coat that reality, but that doesn’t have to mean defeat (or defoot). Trust me, it is possible to welcome every day and squeeze all the goodness you can out of it – it’s still there, and I am here to show you how to find it.
The bottom line is… if you want to feel better about not feeling well (yeah, I know that sounds impossible) then the Begin The Journey (BTJ) course is your ticket to learning how to Live Well no matter what you’re facing.

Change is never easy but it is possible to recalibrate negative energy that is currently holding you back, and grab hold of life’s steering wheel, even if it means traveling in the slower lane.

In the Begin The Journey course, you will transform your beliefs about illness by finding and moving past the road blocks that are derailing your sense of well-being. We shine the flood lights on the following:


  • Resistance is always the first hurdle of an unexpected illness or inability, so understanding how to wrestle past this sucker is paramount. This gets easier once you learn how to spot your own autopilot of resistance. But don’t worry, we’ll help you change lanes and create more suitable responses to the challenges you’re facing.
  • Self-Sabotage might sound obvious and straightforward, but you’d be surprised how often, and how easy it is to trip over your own feet without being aware of doing so. The only way around this obstacle is to look under the hood of your habitual responses to difficulty. There’s no shame in needing a tune up; it’s the only way to update your inner operating system.
  • Fear is a mysterious force; it can hands-down squash positive possibility simply by being in the room. Fear is what keeps resistance and self-sabotage in business so we have to downright bankrupt this superpower. And given there are many specific fears associated with illness we will highlight how to balance the books on stress and calmness too.
  • Acceptance is our ultimate goal, and in all honesty, you can’t arrive there until you work your way through the obstacle course of fear-driven road blocks. The bottom line is, once you rein in your fears you’ll create the open-hearted space needed to allow yourself to accept your reality, as it is. It may sound hard to imagine now, but by the end of this course, you’ll be okay with not being okay, and from there you can live well when unwell.


Living Well When Unwell – Begin The Journey
Six-week online facilitated course

Week 1 – Resistance to illness
In Week 1 you will be introduced to Holly (our course “cartoon” character), who will help guide you by example through the stages of transforming your beliefs about illness. In this first lesson, Holly gives us the goods on how resistance to illness can be played out.

Topics this week include:

  • Three types of resistance that will prevent you from adjusting to illness
  • The emotions trapped behind resistance and how to release them
  • Rethinking your go-to choice of resistance (refresh the cache’)

Week 2 – Falling into Self-Sabotage
In Week 2 you will learn that while resistance holds you back, self-sabotage is the biggest bully in the school yard who is even bold enough to show his/her face in your bathroom mirror! In this lesson, you’ll learn the warning signs of self-sabotage.

Topics this week include:

  • Identifying how self-sabotage knocks the wind out of wellness
  • The down and dirty scoop on what drives self-sabotage
  • A full monty glimpse of self-sabotage and illness

Week 3 – Avoiding Self-Sabotage
In Week 3 you will learn easy take away techniques that will bulletproof you against self-sabotage.
Even better, you’ll be able you to slay that dragon once and for all!

Topics this week include:

  • Where’s Waldo – locating self-sabotage trying to hide in plain sight
  • Leaping over the landmines laying in wait to trigger self-sabotage
  • Building a lighthouse to steer your ship away from the rocks of despair

Week 4 – Fears Associated with Illness
In Week 4 you will feel your own power rising and start by dissecting fears (not frogs – yuck) that are unique to the experience of living with illness and inability. Knowledge is power and it’s the only way to conquer the destructive influence of fear.

Topics this week include:

  • Unearthing the fears relevant to illness
  • Understanding the dangerous influence of fear on illness
  • Harnessing tools to defuse the destruction of fear

Week 5 – Core of Self-acceptance
In Week 5 you will find your footing and discover how to trample through the overwhelming feelings that accompany the experience of illness and inability. Now you’ll really begin to flourish and ignite your own strength-based resilience.

Topics this week include:

  • Investing in your personal portfolio of self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Respecting the profound value of self-compassion
  • Honouring your unique practice of self-compassion

Week 6 – Mapping your way through illness
In Week 6 you will be the captain of your own ship and chart out a brilliant new life path; a journey that now respectfully includes the experience of illness and or inability. Your full life picture is clearer; your future is surrounded by the healing power of light.

Topics will include:

  • Transcending the waves of negativity and despair
  • Expanding your sense of connection to ALL of life
  • Living well when unwell


Six Virtual Training Modules
Over a six-week period, you will immerse yourself in learning the language of illness and discover what it means to you at this point in your life. Most importantly, you decide who you want to be in the face of this challenge. Championing change takes time and this course has built in the need to accommodate flexibility and we encourage you to be patient with yourself.

By design, each module takes you by the hand and gently guides you through a difficult phase of adjustment. Lessons have been created with the understanding that you may not be feeling well. To help work around that potential challenge the material is provided in a variety of formats such as text, audio, and video. There is NO getting behind in this course, it is supportably self-paced.

Six Virtual Group Coaching Session
In addition to your self-directed learning, you’ll also participate in live webinars and meet others facing similar challenges. Here questions will be addressed, conversations will be rich and inviting, and accompanied by various self-help related exercises. Expect to be supported and surprised!
Private Community Group Access
Our Private Participants Discussion Group is present through the entire course and is peer oriented (although Susan pops in on a regular basis). Here you will be able to get your questions answered, as well as get support from your fellow participants in a private online discussion forum.
Guided Writing
Writing is a powerful tool used to deepen self-awareness and help cement new learning. Within the course modules, you will be provided with thoughtful writing prompts. Of course, you will be encouraged to share with other group members (optional) in the discussion group.
One-to-One Coaching

The path of illness and inability can get rocky from time to time, and should you encounter any such setback you will have the benefit of a 30-minute one-to-one Core Healing coaching session with Susan (by appointment only) anytime within 2 months following the completion of this course. ($122.00 value)


You may be thinking this sounds like a truckload of work and what about the days when you feel like kaka? Not to worry, the modules do not require a lot of reading or studying. The material can be read, listened to, and or watched on your computer, laptop, or maybe on an iPad, all while you rest.
Support, support, and more support is key to this kingdom

I know living with significant health challenges is not the piece of cake you choose for your life experience but… what if you could:

  • Map your way forward and feel calm about your health circumstances.
  • Communicate with clarity and acquire the just-right-for-you supports.
  • Manage pain and get off the spinning wheel of worry.

Don’t struggle on your own in the blender any longer, Begin The Journey is here for you.

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Susan Wheeler-Hall, BSW, NGH, is an experienced and celebrated educator and author on topics related to living well when unwell. Aside from her professional skills, Susan also has first-hand experience living with illness and levels of inability due to a progressive neuromuscular disease. You could say she walks the talk, however, does so now aided by a walker and a scooter. As a living well coach and speaker, Susan exudes a presence of gentle strength that is contagious and comforting.

In the early days, Susan worked within community agencies, hospitals, and universities, and later privately as a counseling consultant specializing in health and disability adjustment and workplace accessibility accommodation. Over the years she has published several resources and presented numerous talks and seminars in Canada and the USA.

In this online course, Susan has skillfully combined therapeutic tools with her own first-hand experience living with a progressive neuromuscular disease. The ultimate aim of this online training is to help people who are facing unexpected health and inability challenges.

You’re not alone; I’m here to help.

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