Help Is A Gift

Help is a gift that needs no unpacking. It comes in many sizes, shapes, and actions, and, it surpasses the rules of time and space. Good neighbourly giving it the best.

Lost In The Weeds Of Life

Everyone feels lost in the weeds of life at times. When illness and disability are in the mix it can happen more often than not.

Shift In Thinking

A shift in thinking is by far the best method of self-correcting a low mood that come about due to physical illness or disability

Big Celebrations

September was a BIG month for me this year. I had a double-doozy of big celebrations. This year marked my 60th birthday and on the same day my partner and I got married. How’s that for a birthday present?!

Driving With Confidence – Again

Confidence is one of those things that you don’t see coming or going but it is necessary for driving a vehicle. Having the right vehicle and tools can expand your ability exponentially.

Embrace Your Gifts – In Sickness And Health

Living well with a high level of physical health challenges requires that I attend routine appointments with various medical specialists. It is profoundly eye-opening to be with a group of people who, in my view, are dealing with medical circumstances much more difficult than mine.

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