Soundhawk Hearing Amplifier

Sound Hawk Hearing Device

Soundhawk hearing amplifier Soundhawk hearing amplifier

Soundhawk hearing amplifier is a great new device meant to help zero in on the sound and filter out any extra overriding noise. Hearing aid users will know all about this frustration. I think Soundhawk is a sound idea!

Hearing loss affects a huge number of people and not just the elderly. Those of us who often attend rock concerts or listen to music at a loud volume on headphones can lose aural dexterity, making it hard to hear in certain situations. Soundhawk is a device designed to improve hearing in loud environments by helping to tune into the sounds we want to hear.

How does it work?

Soundhawk hearing amplifier consists of two parts — an earpiece called the Scoop, and a small wireless mic. You wear the Scoop much like a Bluetooth headset and you choose between 4 tips that affect the quality of the noises being hearing. You can set the sound range to be amplified, from full to more pronounced high frequencies. The Scoop also connects to a smartphone and further settings can be changed.

Choose the sounds you want to hear

If you’re in a car you can choose to boost the wind reduction algorithms, or if you’re in a city park, you can choose to amplify the sound of the birds and block out the drone of traffic. The wireless mic amplifies sounds coming from specific ranges, for example, enabling diners to focus on the conversation at their table instead of the chatter around them. This may be ideal for men who have a hard time hearing women’s voices.

Marketed as a lifestyle device, rather than a hearing aid may make it a winner. The Soundhawk can be ordered online and is much cheaper than an average costly hearing aid. * (Note – available from the US store, shipping will be an extra cost factor for Canada)

Soundhawk Hearing Amplifier
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Hearing amplifiers can be a huge help for people who are not yet ready to consider (or accept) a dedicated hearing aid. In Canada, the two most popular are the Whisper and the Sonic SuperEar.




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