The Living WEll When Unwell e-course has given me a virtual shot in the arm, a breakthrough from near depression and a life worth looking forward to living. Susan’s course is like a good book you simply can’t put down!

Michelle Fortier

Kingsville, ON

Susan is “The Real Deal”!  Her knowledge in the field of psychology and with managing living with a chronic disability are outstanding. Mostly though, it is her disposition of gentleness and kindness that make this course life-changing in so many ways.

Janis Jessop

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

The Living WEll When Unwell e-course was well designed and I found connecting virtually allowed for a nice development of community amongst all the participants. This insightful course has contributed to my journey in learning to live well with a disability.

Maureen, B.

Guelph, ON

When I finished the Living Well When Unwell e-course I was stunned by the progress I made. I was able to accept myself in a way that I haven’t done in my entire life. I highly recommend Susan’s course, it is one of the life-changing ones.

Joy Loveheart


I really thought I’d exhausted all my options before I found the Living Well When Unwell course. It showed me that absolutely isn’t the case – it is possible to live a very good life with a chronic health problem.

Jan Andrea Hall

Leamington, ON

Living Well When Unwell is an amazing resource. With clarity borne of experience and compassionate simple practices, Susan creates a powerful container for transformation of the most intimate experiences around our health. The international community reminds us we are not alone.

Mair Dundon

California, US

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