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My Mini Marathon Summer Project

During the early part of the summer of 2019, I became disappointed with my walking decline. My disability is progressive but I reached a point where I wanted to fight back and see if I could achieve a bit of improvement.

When I began, I could only walk about 45-50 steps beyond my house using my walker. If I went further my chronic pain level started to skyrocket. It was disheartening to say the least but I was determined. I decided to focus on the later to stretch my abilities but I was also careful to not further stress my body.  

Taking a slow methodical approach I set everyday  and pushed myself to walk past 2 -3-4 more houses. It started to work. Then once a week my partner helped me by filing me to document this project.

The messages of encouragement from my videos was just that – encouraging. My goal was to make it to our mailbox, (approx) 1 city block, by the end of the summer. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to achieve that after one month. And, to my amazement I almost walked the distance of the Point Pelee marsh boardwalk.

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