Ability Level Challenge – Expand Personal Access

Walking Challenge

Ability Level Challenge

I’d like to invite you to ‘walk a minute in my shoes’ and join in my ability challenge that I am calling MY Mini Marathon.

Re-inspiring Self

Anyone who knows me – knows my walking is limited due to my CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) disease. That’s not new or going to change in any miraculous way. You may not know that I had a nasty fall five years ago and my walking and pain levels really took a hit as a result. These days, I find myself increasingly frustrated. My ability to walk affects my independence. A few years back, I fought my way out of a wheelchair after almost 2 years. I’d like to re-inspire myself to work that hard again so that I keep walking and if I’m lucky …maybe improve a tiny bit in endurance.


Look, we all have difficult stuff to deal with. It’s a part of the life agreement and I am not one to complain or give in; I love life in all its iterations. Where my health is concerned DNA is DNA. But, I know there is more I can do to help things along. Following that insight, I have harnessed my determination and have launched this project in an effort to make incremental improvements.

It would be super awesome if you would walk with me and encourage me simply by subscribing to my youtube channel, and please hit that bell next to subscribe for notifications.

My Mini Marathon is meant as a daily challenge to motivate people (aka you). Let’s make an effort, however small, every single day toward improving something that could improve your life, health, mood, well-being.

Expand Personal Access

Whether you’re disabled or not, think about something that you could improve if you put forth effort every day.

What can you improve?

Check out the start of my videos and come walk a minute in my shoes

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Access is a right
...not a privilege

Access by definition means right of entry. Now that you know a little bit about my access needs, use me as a benchmark. Look around and ask, how accessible is this building, venue, home, office, city, town, country – could Susan and others with disabilities enter with ease?

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