LWT 030: Jake Schaap – Autoimmune Income Solution

Autoimmune Income Solution
Autoimmune Disease & Work

Living with an autoimmune disease is not an easy path. For young people, it can be especially difficult during the early years of establishing themselves in the work world.

We think of an autoimmune disease as being invisible but its ramifications can be larger than life. It’s an ongoing battle between how you want to perform versus how you physically can perform. And all the while it takes a toll on your spirit.

Staying hopeful, staying determined, and staying positive is no small feat.

An autoimmune disease is not like other apparent physical diseases that can get in the way of employment. They differ in that they need accommodation support more than anything specific to accessibility, like ramps and the like.


Working remotely, having flexible hours, and basically being able to control your work environment is important to work around the demands of living with an autoimmune disease.

Not all vocations and workplaces usually provide that level of accommodation. Of course with the onset of COVID-19 working remotely has reached a whole new level.

Being Independent

One way to work around the challenges posed by autoimmune disease is to work independently and be your own boss. This requires you to take on an entrepreneurial approach to working. The problem here is a lot of people believe they lack the skills needed, can’t figure out how to get going, or can’t imagine what they have to offer.

Well, Jake Schaap has a solution for this problem and he is living proof that it is possible to discover ways to create income even if you live with autoimmune challenges.

Generate Income

Jake has spent months mapping out a course to help others with these types of illnesses and has launched the Autoimmune Income Solution. The first step of Jake’s course helps you to get out of your own way. Personally, I think this is an important step that most other ‘how to earn income’ courses overlook.

There is no slick easy peasy sales jargon here. Jake gives you the straight goods with a promise of genuine support. If you’re wanting to discover your working sweet spot this would be an excellent resource to explore.

Learn more about Jake Schaap:

Website: https://jakeschaap.com
Course: https://jakeschaap.podia.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jakeschaap
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCBODH8FNRf0-RXxXjOiVnqw


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Living Well Today intro and outro music, More Love and Happiness,
is provided courtesy of Canadian singer/songwriter, Clela A Errington.

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