Joy of Making Plans For The New Year

Making Plans in cartoon kitchen
Making Plans

Making plans for the New Year is always a fun exercise. Everyone has their own approach to yearly transitions. Myself, I do a deep review on December 1st and look at the plans I made last year. Generally, the few goals I made are seldom achieved. That is not to say I failed, but rather it is because along the way I learn new things and then shift.

For 2023, I do have some interesting new projects planned but they are web-tech-related. If that is of interest to you then hop over to SuzyWeb (HERE) to stay in my tech loop.

Baked goods galore

Here at home, my partner is busy making plans related to festive foods. There is a lot of baking going on and I am enjoying the delights of her efforts. In addition to the traditional ham and turkey dinners, we will be enjoying a flaming Christmas pudding, Trifle, Christmas Cake, and of course amazing shortbread cookies. My two brothers and sister-in-law will be pleased and I’ll be looking for a larger chair soon.

On New Year’s eve, I anticipate a quiet, yet enjoyable evening. It would be fair to say, my party days are behind me.

Heavy heart time

Sadly, we said goodbye to a very precious person this year. My lovely mother-in-law, Jean, who bravely traveled to Canada from the UK twice in her 90’s now resides in our hearts and memories. We miss her dearly, yet her spirit and wisdom will stay with us forever more.

A few of our pets also passed away this year so the household is still adjusting.

And yet, life goes on. As Jean would say, “put one foot in front of the other and just keep going”.

Good advice.

COVID will it ever end?

The world according to COVID and related illnesses is still causing much turmoil here in Ontario, and therefore making plans for a warm holiday is not on our radar.  

To keep busy I am taking two courses to advance my tech skills; there is always more to learn in WordPress. And thanks to this learning I am making plans to roll out new services and supports at Suzy Web. My one word to focus on this year is knowledge both for myself as well as to share with others.

I do hope you are making plans to enjoy yourself with family and friends over the Holiday season and remember to consider sharing with those less fortunate in some charitable manner. Wherever you are in your life there is always someone in a lesser position who could benefit from a hand-up.


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