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While working on a book project one winter I spent 3 months in Mexico. It was beautiful and the weather was fantastic, but I can attest to the fact that accessibility in most areas, and at most resorts, is very limited. An accessible Mexico was not what I encountered. Fast forward, now there is one resort changing that image. They’ve worked hard to create an accessible Mexico vacation option.

Accessible holiday choices are slowly changing thanks to the aging travel population. I came across this interesting article about a resort in Mexico that is rolling out some new ideas and aids for visitors who have mobility impairments. So, if you are looking for a winter get-away, this might be the ticket.

Have a read through the article below.

Accessible Mexico 

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most preferred and cherished holiday destinations in the world. This Caribbean paradise has everything that a tourist can wish for – amazing treasures of art and history, vibrant nightlife, breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife, picturesque jungles, cobbled streets, lively ambiance and of course, spectacular golden beaches.

Mexico is also known for its pleasant hospitality and the country ensures that each and every visitor is welcomed with the same amount of love and care irrespective of how varied the needs are. As a matter of fact, major tourist towns like Playa del Carmen and Cancun are well furnished with amenities to ensure that even the elderly and tourists with physical disabilities are protected –not discouraged from having a good time.

In February 2013, Mexico’s first ‘disabled-friendly’ beach was opened in Playa del Carmen. Positioned in the heart of the tourist hotspot of Playa del Carmen, this disabled-friendly beach is financed by the local government of Playa along with support from some other government social service agencies of Mexico.

Accessible Mexico with Beach Aids

Positioned in the heart of the tourist hotspot of Playa del Carmen, this disabled-friendly beach is financed by the local government of Playa along with support from some other government social service agencies of Mexico.

This out of the ordinary beach offers shade, showers, drinking water, specialized aquatic equipment and assistance for the elderly and physically disabled to help them enjoy the inviting sands and crystalline waters of the Caribbean ocean.

Caroline, from Canada, suffers from osteoarthritis, is overweight and has trouble walking. She always had a dream to visit the paradise beaches of Mexico but was reluctant to do so due to her disabilities. Her dream turned into reality recently when she visited this first of a kind beach in Mexico. She had the most amazing experience and looks forward to returning.

One of the most beneficial facilities installed on this beach is a long, stable boardwalk for easy access to the edge of the water. This boardwalk comes in quite handy for all those who use wheelchairs, or those who need crutches or canes or any kind of special assistance to walk through the sands. They are able to reach the water safely.
Accessible Mexico beach ramp

The shower area on this beach is also wide and designed specially to give extra space for ability equipment and attendants.

Another interesting feature of this beach is the availability of amphibious wheelchairs, loungers, and beach walkers. The amphibious wheelchair has an innovative design that makes it extremely user-friendly for both, the end-user as well as the assistants. It is ergonomically designed with features like a flip-top footrest, armrests with integrated straps, steering- bar and large air-filled wheels. It can handle the difficult terrain or slippery ground. These wheelchairs can be used free of charge and assistance is available by request.
Accessible Mexico beach aids

The mobile sun loungers are made with aluminum and sailing fabric for the ultimate lightweight portability. They have higher seats for easy access, over-sized inflated tires for any terrain, backrest with three different level positions.
Accessible Mexico beach aids with wheels

The orthopedic beach walker is a wonderful help for taking a walk on the beach or simply watching and enjoying the waves crashing in. These lightweight beach walkers have comfortable seats, over-sized tires for all sorts of surfaces and the walker poles have large cups to prevent the legs from sinking into the sand.? The beach also has good safety and security arrangements with 14 lifeguards and trained staff to help the disabled and elderly.

The Government of Quintana Roo is planning to open 10 such disabled-friendly beaches, in the near future, in popular tourist areas like Cancun and Cozumel.

Playa del Carmen’s cutting-edge disabled-friendly beach will most definitely set the bar higher for beaches all across the world.

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