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Artful body parts for the disabled

Alternative prosthetics can transform the experience of difference for people who use prosthetics.  Body as Art offers a new twist with their alternative prosthetics, unlike anything we’ve seen before. UK’s Alternative Limb Project helps a particular audience with their self-expression and boost their self-esteem, with fashionable, unconventional prosthetics.
Alternative prosthetics stereo legFounded by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, a graduate of the London Arts University who specialized in special effects for film and television. The project aims to enable amputation patients to creatively customize their prosthetics. Rather than accepting dull and practical prosthetics, customers can create their own bespoke limbs that convey aspects of their personality, while also helping them to remain fashionable. How cool is that?

Alternative Prosthetics

So far, they’ve built a ‘stereo leg’ with built-in speakers for a songwriter, a modular anatomical design for a former soldier and a floral prosthetic for a young mother. The studio also produces realistic-looking limbs for those who want to reconstruct their previous appearance.

Losing a limb can be a distressing event for patients, affecting their body image, and therefore self-esteem. The Alternative Limb Project helps amputees to better express themselves and regain a body they feel is truly their own.
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alternative prosthetics

In days gone by people with prosthetics hid their difference because of the stigma associated with a loss of limb. This clearly is a difficult issue in terms of body shame. It’s exciting to think those concepts can be completely turned upside down.

Image how empowering it can be to profile your difference in a creative and positive manner, and toss in some functionality too.


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