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Whether access information is important to you or not, let’s all be the change for access. YOU can help make a difference for people who need to know about access by sending reviews through your phone on an app.

wheelchair-vector1 AXSmap changing access is a free app – from Canada, which aims to make the world a more accessible place for those with mobility challenges. By computer or mobile phone app people can look for accessible places. A growing database is made from a crowdsourced series of reviews. I’ve done a few already!

AXSmap – Let’s All Be The Change for Access

From what I can tell AXSmap works closely with Google. Reviews can be completed online and then google updates the database (instantly!) which in turn updates the app. This is a fabulous idea and has the means to really make a difference. I always tell people, just tell me the truth – can I get in or not? Obviously, if I know then I won’t waste my time and be disappointed when I encounter inaccessibility. Trust me there is nothing worse than believing you will be able to access somewhere because someone gave you incorrect information. It’s upsetting to discover once you arrive that you cannot get in, or if you can, you cannot use the bathroom or be comfortable.

Now, I know it is easy, and tempting, to complain but it is more useful to become a part of a solution. Here is our chance to support change, and I mean all of us!

How YOU can Help

All you have to do is take your phone out whenever you go anywhere and put on your accessibility antenna. Look around and do a quick review and submit a rating. It takes you less than a minute but it could make a huge difference to someone – like me!

Axsmap explains on their website exactly what a rating should include and they make it “very easy” for you by providing a process where you simply click a star level for certain features.

Even though access means different things to people there really is a best practice to follow. They explain this well with text and videos on the website. It could not be easier.

And if that’s not good enough… they have created an innovative idea that has the potential to spread the word and expand their reviews. I’m talking about “Mapathons”.

What’s a mapathon?

This too is explained well on the site but basically, if you understand the premise of a walkathon it is similar. simply get a bunch of people together, set a time frame, assign a designated area, and off you go to rate as many venues as possible. Bam! This could grow the axsmap information exponentially.

These brilliant ideas are the creation of Jason Dasilva, a 32-year-old fellow who lives with MS. Frustrated by inaccessibility he came up with a forward-moving solution.

Ok, I just gotta say it – I (and I bet a lot of folks frustrated by the lack of access information) love you, Jason!

Jason Dasilva

Go AXSmap

Great video here:


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Access is a right
...not a privilege

Access by definition means right of entry. Now that you know a little bit about my access needs, use me as a benchmark. Look around and ask, how accessible is this building, venue, home, office, city, town, country – could Susan and others with disabilities enter with ease?

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