Big Celebrations

Big Celebrations

September was a BIG month for me this year. I had a double-doozy of big celebrations. This year marked my 60th birthday and on the same day, my partner and I got married. How’s that for a birthday present?!

We had a lovely ceremony at our local City Hall where my partner and I stood before a wedding officiate to say our vows. Behind us, there was a large living wall of beautiful plants that made for a scenic backdrop for photos. It was heartfelt, memorable, and most of all fun!

In all honesty, getting married was not something that was in my life plan. I’m private about my private life so I did not want a big fuss. Only a few friends and family members were in attendance and they joined us for dinner at a nearby golf and country club.

A few days later we added to our big celebrations and hosted a large party at our home and it too was splendid. Relatives and friends, both near and from afar, showered us with warmth and good wishes.

My partner hails from the UK and so family from across the pond visited during our celebratory month, as did my Aunt from out of town. And luckily for me, just before the festivities began my brother and his wife moved to our neighbourhood. Life just gets better and better!

The entire month we were constantly on the go. We toured our visitors to a variety of cities going from one activity to another. To tell you the truth it felt like a marriage marathon.

However, as with all good things, the fun came to an end.

We took our guests to the airport, said our farewells and then had one last night away before making our four-hour drive home the next morning. By the time we arrived in our driveway we were both exhausted and in need of some downtime. You could say we needed a holiday from our holiday.

For the most part, I held up fairly well, but by the middle of the last week, I felt myself struggling to keep up. I was not surprised when I fell ill soon after the events, but I’m sure with a bit of rest and relaxation I’ll bounce back to my old self.

I look forward to this new phase of my life.

Change is bound to be on the menu but as my new mother-in-law would say, “without change there would be no butterflies”.


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