Big Moves And New Homes

Big Moves And New Homes

Making decisions about changing your residence is never easy. Big moves and new homes are always stressful; this is especially true when you toss in a chronic health challenge or two. It’s one thing to stay in a familiar area but moving afar is a different matter. Aside from missing friends and shops you’ve come to know, it is very unsettling to uproot connections with medical practitioners, in fact, it is down-right scary.

Big Moves And New Homes

Recently, we purchased a new home and moved 310 KM (193 miles). It was quite an adventure given we had to make several renovations to ensure everything is wheelchair accessible for me. Gutting a bathroom and installing a custom roll-in-shower was an expensive change but a necessary one. That, along with entrance ramps and a chairlift (to the recording studio and family room) were things that had to be done.

However, we also adjusted a number of less obvious features, such as; replacing doorknobs, light switches, water faucets, and trimming down floor transitions. Our reno costs kept rising (yikes!) but these features make everyday activities easier for me and maximize my independence.

And we have finally found a new family doctor, who we are scheduled to meet at the end of the month. Although the specialists I see for my respiratory and neuromuscular issues are located much further away now, I’m not going to change these doctors. Keeping these trusted relationships in place is very important for my peace of mind.

When it is time for a (further away) medical appointment we now turn it into a mini shopping getaway. We find a nice hotel, and shop and relax once the appointment is completed. Of course, it helps if you’re feeling reasonably well. It’s not unusual for me to travel for medical specialties, it’s just a wee bit further now.

They say home is where your heart is and I would agree because our new home has been, and will continue to be, adjusted with our thoughtful aging hearts. If you’re thinking about a big move and new homes, think forward so you too can age in place.


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