Blood Work Robot

Blood taking robotic machine

Blood work robot

How do you feel about going for blood work and having it taken by a blood work robot?
Many people are squeamish when it comes to having blood drawn. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the whole process, everything from the sight of blood, the feel of the plastic tube wrapped around my arm, and I look away when the needle is about to be inserted. Overall it is harmless, and yet it is unpleasant nonetheless.

Ok, fast forward and now try to imagine all this being done by a blood work robot!

Veebot venipuncture

It may sound a bit space age (think Jetson’s cartoon) but a U.S. based company applied for a patent application for Veebot – an automated (Robotic) venipuncture system.

Like any good startup business, the folks at Veebot identified a problem and went about creating a solution.


  • 20-25% of all venipuncture procedures fail to draw blood on the first stick.
  • Approximately 2 million needlestick injuries are reported every year. Meanwhile, 40-75% of needlestick injuries go unreported.
  • Mislabeled blood samples from venipuncture lead to about 170,000 adverse events in hospitals a year, ultimately costing hospitals $200-400 million annually.


The blood work robot is a system of tools that are designed to manipulate ordinary butterfly catheter devices and Vacutainer needles to start IVs and draw blood from patients.

The goal of this automated procedure is to reduce error and decrease venipuncture times. This will save hospitals and clinics money, reduces the risk of injury to practitioners, and improves comfort and care for patients (Yeah!).

This all sounds grand – I’ll report back if and when I encounter this procedure.

Blood work robot


This video demonstrates the procedure well.

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