Frustration Flavours

frustration cartoon

UGH, OMG! Yesterday I spent four hours with tech support people trying to solve website issues. It started with ping pong text messages going back and forth in a tiny chat window, and when that failed, I moved to a larger tech support ticket box. Still no solution. As a last resort, I actually spoke with ‘people’ by telephone but to no avail.

Frustration comes in many flavours and between yesterday and today, I have tasted quite a few! The problem is still not resolved but I hope with more patience and tweaking to eventually solve this puzzle. I thought with a fresh pair of eyes I might quickly spot the issue today, but sadly I have yet to crack the code.

I noticed the overall process of working through this web challenge is very similar to trying to figure out a health problem. First, it is necessary to diagnose the problem or the cause of what’s not feeling well or working correctly. And, what might seem straight forward often needs extensive diagnostic proof. As is the case with health challenges, until the underlying cause is determined a treatment plan cannot be implemented. Bodies, and computers, have a lot of mysterious factors at play.

Of course, a website does not need to rest and recover, but the person in the equation, that would be me – certainly does. I find the effort required to get to the bottom of a web-related problem is as exhausting as waiting in doctor offices and enduring endless diagnostic tests. The good thing is, I have a lot of experience in the tug and pull of championing health challenges, so I intend to transfer those skills as I work to resolve my website issues.

Although, I do find myself thinking about Sweet Pea’s decorative plate in our bathroom that says, “Lord grant me patience …but please hurry”

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