Future Playgrounds – accessible for all

future playgrounds

Future playgrounds are designed for all ages. Wow – This is a forward-thinking community model for cities to take note of sooner than later. Developers in Spain have built a number of public playgrounds that incorporate equipment suitable for people of all ages. The vision is to create an accessible environment where the elderly and children alike can safely be active outdoors. Thereby helping everyone to exercise and be active. Future playgrounds promote universal access and activity.

Generally, when parents and grandparents accompany children to public parks they sit on a bench nearby. A more progressive approach includes equipment that blends in physio-type activity to enables adults to join in the play. As an added benefit, playgrounds for the future will enrich the bonding opportunity for both generations.

Who says physiotherapy can’t be fun?

We tend to think physiotherapy is for people recovering from an injury. Or, for someone (like myself) who is disabled to keep them limber and mobile. This is true of course, but the idea behind any physio-like activity is to get someone moving to the best of their ability. I can tell you from first-hand experience, a lot of what helps encourage the progress in any physio treatment plan is the relationship between the therapist and the patient. Social engagement is a part of the equation and it makes a big difference.

Future Playgrounds – something for everyone

Children are experts as play – remember when you were like that? In fact, now, as adults, we know getting kids away from the computer is good for them. “Go outside, get some exercise!” Have you ever said that to your kids? Well, the same is true for you and for granny and grandpa.

Future playgrounds need to benefit all of us. When you consider that so many baby boomers are now grandparents it seems fitting and timely.

I love this idea

Let’s create these in Canada – Accessible Playgrounds for ALL

Here is a great video

or learn more here

Another excellent of an accessible play area is Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island.
Go Play!


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