Hair Do’s And Don’ts

Grey hair offers a clue to a person’s age, which is why a lot of folks choose to dye it. I was a member of that group for a while but I tired of the discomfort associated with keeping those greys at bay. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look tidy but let’s face it, hair is a purposeful head covering. It keeps our noggin warm in the winter, protects our skin from the sun and helps to lessen scrapes and cuts. Oh, and don’t forget hair alerts us to mosquitoes and other annoying bugs too.

Aside from its useful features hair is hooked into our self-image, our “look”. That’s why we feel good when we go for a bit of pampering and hair care.

However, I found as my ability level declined, going to a hair salon became less and less pleasurable. Beyond the obvious of being able to get in the door (as not all stores are equally accessible) getting my hair cut was starting to feel like a medical must-do appointment.

I don’t mind the cutting aspect, that part is enjoyable.

It’s the pre-cut hair washing procedure that sucks. Sticking my head in a sink causes extreme pain for me because it hurts to bend my head backward, and if I do it for too long, I can’t lift it back up! My neck doesn’t like the feel of the hard surface of the sink, and my upper and lower back will spasm when the seat slides forward. The minute I sit my butt in the chair I turn into a ninety-five-year-old version of myself. UGH!

Finding a stylist who is gentle and willing to take the time to listen and make adjustments to lessen physical discomforts makes all the difference …but they are hard to find.

Recently, I moved to a new town and I expected it would take some doing to find my next just-right hairstylist. I spotted a salon with a large ramp at its door. Clearly, they’d made an effort to be accessible and much to my delight the hairstylist was very mindful of my physical comfort too. In fact, I would say going for a hair cut is close to enjoyable again.

Grey and snazzy; that’s my new do!

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