Health Benefits of Ginger in Tea

You might be surprised by the many health benefits of ginger, especially in tea. This is something I do every day. I enjoy black tea, or herbal tea but insist on adding a chunk of ginger. A good sized slice is needed to avoid any choking hazard.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is known to add vitamin C, amino acids, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and sodium. How much is added per cup is not something I don’t know for certain. I like the taste but more importantly, it aids in keeping respiratory infections at bay. Avoiding colds is a must do for me.

Congestion and phlegm production brought on by colds can be dangerous to me because I lack the respiratory muscles to cough. Ginger is a natural expectant and helps to keep my airway open. On any given day I usually have two or three cups, usually following a meal.

Other health benefits of ginger are associated with areas affecting digestion. Ginger helps to increases the production of gastric juices, relieve nausea, helps irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, manage glucose levels, stimulate appetite and alleviate tummy aches.

Ginger also helps to reduce arthritic inflammation and improve circulation.

How to make ginger tea

There are fancy recipes to infuse tea with ginger but I keep things simple. A 1/4 inch slice sits in my cup and the ginger infuses naturally with the tea while I am enjoying it. Easy peasy.

Give it a try in your next cuppa of tea, especially if you have a cold.

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