Hearing Damage And Loud Music

Hearing Damage And Loud Music

Hearing Damage And Loud Music

While attending the Home County Music festival in London ON, I came across the Beck Hearing Aid Centre booth. In addition to having a lot of information available to take away and read later, they also offered on the spot hearing checks! Hearing damage and loud music are an important issue to consider when attending a music festival.

This was the perfect place to bring hearing to people’s attention. Let’s face it, a lot of music lovers frequent music venues (concerts and bars maybe) where loudness is a key factor. The likelihood of affecting your hearing in the long term is pretty high – so what better place to remind people to check this out.

Another critical piece of information is the fact that Beck offers people a hearing test at no cost. This is particularly relevant considering government support (OHIP) no longer covers this expense. The Beck’s website has a wealth of good information.

Important things to consider concerning hearing and hearing loss

Most often a hearing loss develops gradually and painlessly.
Hearing can be damaged by:

• Exposure to loud or constant noises

• Inherited medical conditions

• Illness

• The natural aging process

• Traumatic injury

• Toxic medications

• Tumors

People are unique

All factors listed above can be combined in varying degrees for different people. No two people have the same hearing impairment.

Digital hearing aids allow your Hearing Health Care Professional to more precisely match your individual hearing requirements. A simple hearing test may be all you need to help with hearing damage and loud music.

Hearing aid can help if you:

• find it difficult to understand others

• or your loved ones suspect you have a hearing loss

• have trouble hearing the television, the telephone or everyday sounds

• sometimes find yourself asking people to speak up or repeat themselves

• sometimes think people are mumbling or not speaking clearly

• experience difficulty understanding soft or whispered speech

• find it difficult to pinpoint where an object noise is coming from

• have not had a hearing test in the last 12 months

Value-added benefits with every hearing aid purchase

• Preventative maintenance plan.

• Free diagnostic check-ups ensure proper instrument performance

• Follow-up programs offer consistent communication with patients to optimize hearing performance

• Rehabilitation Program for new hearing aid wearers.

• Home visits by appointment

• Hearing aids fit professionally by qualified practitioners

• Repairs to all makes of hearing aids

• Musician, industrial & swim plugs all professionally custom made

• A complete audiometric assessment with videoscopic ear wax inspection

• 90-day trial and satisfaction guaranteed so you can experience revolutionary technology in your own environment

• Convenient, fast, affordable and easy financing

• 2-year worry-free repair warranty with first-year loss and damage

What to know more?

Contact Beck in London, ON at 396 Queens Ave.
By phone at (519) 438-0492 or by email: [email protected]

They also offer home visits by appointment too.
Website: Beck Hearing

Hearing Damage And Loud Music





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