Holiday At Home

Holiday at home
Holiday At Home

If ever there was a time to holiday at home, this is it!

Perhaps you have enjoyed a stay-cation in the past, but have you ever taken a holiday at home?

This winter we missed going on Cayamo, a music cruise that we enjoy. It is a folk & roots music extravaganza and considering my partner is a folk radio DJ, well it’s a win-win all around.

Warm weather, good food, fantastic music, interesting people, and super relaxing, and we still get to enjoy alone time together when we want it.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic travel is becoming a distant memory. And, in all honesty, it feels selfish to think about enjoying myself when so many people are suffering.

Each day at noon I listen to the news and the announcements are grim. Especially in Ontario where I am located; it’s heartbreaking and alarming.

Emotional Wellbeing

Yet, despite all that is happening externally it is important to take care of our emotional wellbeing.

Reading and listening to spiritual audio tapes is an everyday activity for me. It helps me to maintain a sense of calm and manage chronic pain.

About eight weeks ago, my partner suggested we do this together while we enjoy dinner. What a good idea!

As the official programming director, I choose from my large collection of tapes and videos and plan our 1-2 hour schedule. It results in reflective mindful discussions that continue throughout the next day.

And speaking of being mindful…

We decided to enjoy a holiday at home this year… and guess what, it turns out we have everything we need.

The lights I use for making videos work well to simulate sunshine and we can play Caribbean music from a small radio. We also gathered together some yummy treats, a picnic basket, and two large water spray bottles.

Granted, It was not as wonderful as our time on the ship, but it did the trick.

The living room did get a bit crowded but I was comfy on a lounge chair with a beach towel and an umbrella. My partner, on the other hand, did substantially hang over the coffee table that functioned as a massage table. The only thing we had to bring in was a plastic palm tree.

Our cats, who do not usually holiday with us, enjoyed the afternoon antics.

A little imagination can go a long way

Why not break up one of your ‘blendsdays’ and plan a holiday at home?

I guarantee just creating the space will uplift your spirits and have you thinking in a new direction.

Imagination is your God-given gift – enjoy it.


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