Just Do It!

Giving birth to new ideas is not easy. In fact it can be downright painful. I suspect most writers, musicians, crafters, designers, and inventors of anything struggle with this feeling. It’s a bit like playing a game of cat and mouse.

The idea – or mouse, in this example, is running amuck in my thoughts and every now and then a glimpse of brilliance emerges. My cat-like mind pounces ….and, whoosh, it slips away! Round and round I go again; it’s exhausting.

I’m working on designing a new online training course and it has a definite deadline, that fact alone is creating an added layer of pressure.

Now, I do have a good course layout and a collection of well-formed ideas. All I need to do is to put them together, but something is stopping me. I’m procrastinating!

Could this be equivalent to having labour pains? No offense meant to momma’s, but not having children myself, I really don’t know. All I do know is everything irritates me.

My cats meow too much, rain on the roof is too loud, Facebook and twitter notifications are too frequent, my pain level flips and flops like a rag doll, and my hair has grown far too long.

Anything and everything is sabotaging my ability to focus on the task at hand.

A metaphoric wall jumps in front of me whenever I open the project folder and the frustration of trying to scale it is akin to shadow boxing. Ugh!

I know from experience that once I do manage to get the hell-o out of my own way, I’ll find a focused groove and be away at the races.

Enough is enough. I’ve decided I must clear the deck (or desk rather) and JUST DO IT!

I’ve posted signs, I’ve corralled the cats – I’ve assigned tasks to others; I’ve done everything short of buying a pair of Nike’s.

Now I’m asking for your help.

If you don’t see or hear from me on social media, don’t fret.

Instead, I ask that you send me cheering vibes or a virtual (non-violent) kick in the butt – your choice!

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