LWT 002: Karin Sieger – Rediscovering Creativity

Karin Sieger is a psychotherapist from the UK who happens to live on a boat!
She is a terrific writer and also a cancer survivor.
Karin describes her work and writing as “jargon-free and from the heart”. She frequently draws on personal experiences including her own treatment for cancer, an experience she regards as a key transformation in her life. In this interview, Karin talks about her journey through cancer and the unfolding of creativity that came about as a result.

If you enjoy reading insightful and thought-provoking articles then you will love her blog.

The belief that we all have intuitive wisdom for emotional healing is central to this interview.

Learn more or connect with Karin:

Blog – www.betweenselfanddoubt.com
Website – www.karinsieger.com
Twitter – @KarinSieger


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