LWT 004: Bakhus Saba – Caregiver Experience

Bakhus Saba is a caregiver to his mother who has Alzheimer’s. He is devoted to her care and it is a long term commitment. She now lives in a nearby care facility where Bakhus visits her twice a day.

I personally have the pleasure of knowing Bakhus because he lives in the area where I moved to just over a year ago. In this interview, you can’t help but hear the tenderness in Bakhus’s voice when he speaks about his experience and shares the depth of what he knows about compassion.

This is a raw and honest conversation about the phases and pain of witnessing a loved one slowly slip away in some ways and yet, at the same time, a foundation of love is unwavering.

Bakhus works as a real estate agent and is also involved with the music community in this region as a songwriter. Pouring his soul into songs, he claims, is his therapy.

With the intent to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society, Bakhus brought together several excellent musicians to make a cd of the songs he was written about this journey.

The difficulty of placing his mother into a care facility is a challenge all too many are facing. But, despite the heartbreak, Bakhus shares about the great moments of love.

In this episode, with Bakhus’s permission, some music is included.

To acquire Bakhus’s CD visit:


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