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Podcast LWT 026

Caregiving – Make it safe.

It’s no surprise that as people age they become less able, and of course, that is not always dependent on age. When we look at the bulk of the baby-boom population, those born between 1946-1964, it is clear more and more people are in need of personal care in order to age at home.

You might ask who is providing care for our seniors before they require full-time residential support?

Caregivers Today

More often than not caregiving is provided by other family members. It could be by a spouse, an adult child, or some other extended family member. You might be surprised to know that upwards of 7.8 million people in Canada, and 40.7 million people in the United States are providing unpaid caregiving support to the elderly.

Caregiving make it safe fact sheet

Of course, caregiving casts a wide net. For some, only a limited amount of support is needed while others may need constant supervision and personal care. This places a big responsibility on many people who are not prepared. They don’t know what they’ve signed up for and often they don’t know where to get the knowledge they need to provide and create a safe situation for their elder.

Caregiving Make It Safe!

A former registered nurse and now author and educator, Rae Stonehouse is filling that information gap. Rae has created and presented many health and safety-related programs over the years and now has a book and companion workbook geared to help those providing caregiving to seniors.

Make it Safe! A Family Caregiver’s Home Safety Assessment Guide for Supporting [email protected] is chock-o-block full of safety tips and practical advice. The companion workbook and downloadable inspection sheets are offered to guide readers to organize their own assessments and create actionable items to maximize safety for people aging in place.

caregiving make it safe book

A lot of material is covered, Rae talks about personal care to financial scams and everything in between. From a preventative perspective, we’d all do well to be more mindful of this information as we age.

If you or someone you know is currently providing caregiving for a family member this information can be found at the following site online.

Make It Safe.online – https://makeitsafe.online

To find out more about Rae and his other books go HERE

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is provided courtesy of Canadian singer/songwriter, Clela A Errington.

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