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Most of us know better than to believe everything we read, especially in the digital world, and yet, a lot of ridiculously empty content circulates on Facebook and Youtube at break-neck speed. Geez.

Something I find particularly mind-bending, are the range of surveys people are encouraged to click/fill-in to get an assessment of their level of “authenticity” or, “kindness”, to name only two. Really?

As if a faceless machine-generated survey could possibly arrive at a fixed set of answers about topics that can only be examined through human interaction and personal beliefs. And yet… their popularity continues.

I wonder why? It must be that people need to be reassured, or congratulated about their actions and beliefs about topics that are not science-based or measurable.

Countless numbers of people wonder if they are on “the right path” or yearn for a “sign” to point them in the right direction. In fact, an eight billion dollar industry has been built around offering advice to the burnt out, stressed out, dissatisfied adults of today. Everyone is looking for an elusive light and can’t seem to locate its switch.

Oddly enough, some people do discover their switch, but not until they first go through a long period of darkness. This is the case for many people, who, because of illness, are no longer able to do what they once could, such as maintain a job they enjoyed. Initially, they experience a sense of despair and yet, this forced inactivity, or long pause, offers an opportunity for deep reflection.

What’s important comes to the forefront and a shift in perspective propels new options to surface. With time, and a lot of patience, a new path begins to take shape.

Yes, but is it the right path?

Well, much like the silly surveys mentioned above some answers can only be found in the doing.
Besides, I’m not sure there is such a thing as the right path, but I am sure there is a next path, and so… off I go toward mine.

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2 thoughts on “The Right Path”

  1. What timing for your new website and this info, I have just turned 60 and I know I will be taking a different path very soon. With my level of disability I will not be able to work much longer, I have come to realize this is best for my well being. Sometimes work can define us but that is only if you let it; it is only 1 part of the many parts of my life. Soon I will not work traditionally but do other things that I know I will enjoy, seniors clubs, volunteerism, there are lots of fun things to do other than work.

    Now, I am ok with this upcoming change. It took some time, but like you say – in darkness until you see some light,

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