ReWALK – Alternative Mobility


rewalkA chance to walk once again

ReWalk alternative mobility is a solution to the wheelchair. Invented to enable people with paralysis to stand, walk, and use stairs. Life-changing!

Made by Argo Medical Technologies, it comes in two sizes and can support someone up to 220 lbs. ReWalk was not designed as a sports device but rather meant for everyday people who use wheelchairs.

How does it work?

It is a motorized exoskeleton that consists of a light wearable brace support suit. The suit is fitted with motion sensors, a computer system, and tailored rechargeable batteries.

Invented to enable people with spinal cord injuries or serious walking disabilities to walk again. The technology built into the suits unit puts the person wearing it in complete control. Users, however, must be able to use their hands and shoulders in order to walk with crutches for support. A healthy cardiovascular and bone density level is needed too.

Based on sensors fitted into the ReWalk an individual can walk, sit, stand, and go up and downstairs. Walking is controlled through subtle changes in the user’s center of gravity. Balance and stability are safely secured thanks to the aid of the crutches.

Additional advantages

Not only is the ReWalk suit great for getting up and about, but by doing so users are helping other aspects of their health. When someone stays in a wheelchair over time, immobility creates issues in digestive, cardiovascular, urinary, and respiratory systems. So, by using the ReWalk an individual can avoid a host of other potential problems.

The makers of ReWalk are continuing to further the advances of their device and hope to make it more readily available.  Currently, ReWalk is in many rehabilitation centers and hospitals throughout Europe and the United States, so coming to Canada won’t be too far off.

By starting off in the commercial market (in institutions) the company later worked on cutting costs to design an affordable personal version.  Learn more here

Watch this video to see it in action!


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