Snow Love

Cartoon shovelling snow

Like most Canadians, for a few months every year, snow blankets my life. It’s not something I complain about, simply because that is a wasted exercise. Whether I like it or not, snow will fall, so, instead of grumbling, I adapt my activities accordingly.

Walking with a walker, or using a scooter to get around, is not the easiest mode of transportation but when snow is added to the equation, well, going places is anything but easy.

Luckily for me, my partner does most of the heavy lifting in our household, and that includes snow clearing. Gone are the days when it was necessary for me to slug my way through the snow in order to catch a bus, or drive to work, pick up groceries, or, go to medical appointments.

Those were the cold and bitter days of not having a choice. Now, on the other hand, I have the luxury of choice; I only go out if I want to.

Do I feel lucky? Absolutely. Then again …what is luck?

Webster’s dictionary states luck is an unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events either favourably or unfavourably. I agree that events can certainly be random, but I’m not so sure force alone is what shapes their favourability.

Take, for instance, a person walking in a park and at the same time a bird flying above, lets its poop go at the exact moment the person is walking beneath it.

The unsuspecting person now has a juicy bit of bird dodo on their shoulder – yuck!

Some would say this is “bad luck” and grumble through the rest of their day. Whereas another might interpret this, based on superstition, to be a sign of “good luck”.

The only thing that differs, or shapes the favourable direction of this messy event is one’s interpretation. That would suggest our thinking is the shaping force of favourability – and not the event itself.

Psychologist, Carl Jung viewed luck as synchronicity, meaning, events coming together offer a meaningful coincidence. The “meaning” of course is determined by you.

When I consider the synchronicity of snow and my partner, I am reminded of how deep my appreciation is for her caring support. It’s as if each shovel full of snow is an event that brings our hearts closer together.

Like the song says …”let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.”


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