Soaking Up Self-care

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There’s nothing like a good soak to relax sore feet. I know this – but seldom do it, mainly because it is another self-care activity that I cannot do without assistance. It’s difficult to ask for help at the best of times, but, it’s even harder to ask for help with self-indulgent activities.

Pampering myself is not my nature. It’s not that I don’t feel deserving, it’s more that I do need to monitor how I spend my energy.

Living with a health challenge teaches you a lot about inner connections. Simple things like getting clothes from the closet or drawer, putting them on or taking them off; it all requires dexterity and movement and that takes energy. As my abilities have lessened over the years, I’ve learned to break things down and pay attention to my body’s rhythm.

These days, for example, mornings and early afternoons are when my energy level is best, so I try to schedule appointments early in the day. When I was younger, I enjoyed dining out with friends, whereas now, I prefer meeting for lunch.

What constitutes as self-care and pampering will differ for everyone. Many of my friends like to have pedicures, but I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than let someone touch and fiddle with my toes. I kid you not.

Fortunately for me, my partner takes into account my hesitance in asking for help and offers to set things up so I can enjoy self-pampering while she tends to household chores.

Initially, I felt guilty about this – it takes a bit of time to comprehend that allowing someone to help you, actually helps them too.

Helps them too? Huh, how does that work?

When someone you love is hurt, sad, or ill, you have an intimate desire to help. You can’t change their circumstances but you’d like to contribute or find a way to ease their discomfort. Overall, you want to acknowledge the challenge they’re facing and show your love.

The flower delivery business is built upon this premise. This is why, if you’re like me, you enjoy sending flowers just as much as you enjoy receiving them.

Allowing someone to help you is the same as letting them say ‘ I Love You’, so I say …soak it up!


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