The Power Of PINS

Pin Power

Whoa! A lot of people have been stirred up lately and for good reason. It’s an understatement to say, ‘the times they are a-changing.’

Everyone has something to say about the recent United States presidential election. I have my views too, but I will refrain from sharing them. Other than to point out the obvious that not voting is still a vote. Given the US campaign was some 597 days long, I can understand how people would be numbed out and fed up with it all, but it’s shocking to think 97 million people did not bother to cast a vote. What’s up with that?

Oh yeah, I said I was not going to share my views on the election. Sorry about that.

Here’s the thing, though, people are blaming a rise in racism, islamophobia, homophobia, ageism, ableism and more on the fallout from the electoral results (or to be more accurate, the campaigning of President-Elect Donald J. Trump).

Clearly, there does appear to be a correlation, but frankly, if these “phobias” and “isms” did not already exist in the minds and hearts of people, then that itch could not be scratched. Sadly, the surprising new leadership for the country, for many, is viewed as permission granted; allowing their true “colours” to surface.

Equality, however, is a universal value that at its core respects the value of each and every human life, not just the chosen few.

It’s inspiring to see the number of people wearing safety pins in public indicating they are an ally to all vulnerable populations. But let’s face it, a small pin is no match for a big bag of hot air! Or is it?

Sorry… I said that I wasn’t going to share my opinions. Hang tough everyone! Only light can drive out darkness.


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