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Thinking Universally
Thinking Universally

Thinking Universally

Great news for techy’s with dexterity limitations. There is now a Plug-and-play device that adapts for iOS. The rise of touchscreen devices could leave people with less dexterity behind. Thinking universally, the pererro device from UK-based assistive technology RSL Steeper is a switch and voice-activated control that gives those with motor dexterity problems access to iOS products.

According to the company researchers, there are around 2.5 million people in the western world with physical conditions that do not allow them to use touchscreen technology easily. To interact with electronic devices, many of those people already use assistive switches tailored to their disability. The pererro is a plug-and-play adapter that allows any such switch with a 3.5mm jack to be connected for use with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The adapter is inserted into the power connector, but the device can still be charged while it is in place. Voice command technology also enables the use of apps that take advantage of Apple VoiceOver.

The pererro opens up touchscreen devices to those with low dexterity with an easy-to-use adapter that works without hassle, and with a wide range of existing products. RSL Steeper also offers an installation and training service for users and their assistances’, if needed.


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