Trust Yourself – Your Most Important Mindset

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself – this is an important mindset that will see you through the New Year and beyond.

At midnight on December 31st when we turn the calendar page it always feels like a fresh start.

This is the time of year many of us conjure up our resolutions. We form a list of intentions to change annoying habits or launch a new project. But, to tell you the truth, for me it feels more like a marketing exercise than something I really take seriously.

Personally, I make resolutions all year long. For example, I’ll resolve to answer emails faster, post blogs more often, or, work fewer hours. Some intended goals I accomplish, but most I ignore. I like to think that I sift out the good ones.

One thing we all know for certain is that life will bring us new experiences every year.

No Crystal Ball

And, given that I don’t have, or want, a crystal ball to inform me of events yet to happen, I keep an open mind and heart and welcome all learning.

Living with a life-long progressive disease keeps the mystery of life at the forefront of my thoughts. My fragile health reminds me to notice how innately wise we are when our abilities change.

All humans are resilient by nature but when we fall into fearful thinking the process is derailed. If fear starts driving your life-bus, all sorts of made-up drama will send you into a tailspin and you’ll land in a sinkhole. Ugh!

Let’s get back to resiliency and trust

My brother, for example, has the same neuromuscular disability as me. A while ago, I noticed he shook out his hand before he grabbed hold of a coffee mug. Because of our disease, our fingers are tense and curl inward, so shaking his hand helped to lessen the tension slightly, just enough to improve his ability to grasp.

When I asked him about it, he said there was no planning or thinking about it, he just started to do it and it helped, and so he keeps doing it.

That’s a good example of innate resilience.

He and I trust that we will discover new ways of doing things as our abilities decline.

It is a mistake to think we are in control of our life events; let’s face it, we cannot know what’s around the corner. We just don’t know where the mystery of life will take us, which is why it’s important to trust yourself and know your innate determination and resiliency will kick in.

It’s All About trust

Recently, I read about self-driving vehicles and thought I would never ride in one. What sane person would?

Although the more I read about them the more I saw I already have done so. Things like Ferris-wheels and other carnival rides, shuttle trains in airports, airplanes that go off and on autopilot during long flights, stair replacing escalators, even elevators. All are operated by a pre-programmed mechanical force; I take a leap of faith every time I board and trust it will take me to my desired destination.

Life is like a self-driving shuttle, you want to move forward so your only choice is to step onboard and trust you’re on the right bus.

Now that 2018 is here I’m still riding my Trust Bus and know whatever crosses my path my innate resilience will be right by my side.


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