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It’s been two months since the COVID-19 restrictions began, and, suffice to say, the world has changed as a result. In fact, daily life for all of us is anything but normal. The number of deaths from the virus worldwide continues to be shocking. I feel sad for the families impacted – and, to make matters worse, the celebrations of life that cannot take place.

As of now, the new normal has gone virtual, which is great for me as I spend most of my time working online. Most people, however, miss seeing other people in person. We are, after all, social creatures. When the government announced social restrictions to avoid our health services being overburdened, it seemed surreal.

Can this really be happening?  Planes stop flying, borders closed to non-essential travel, most stores and businesses closed, and schools closed – everyone is told to stay home and wash their hands.

When you do need to venture out, then a six-foot (or two-meter) social distance rule is the order of the day. Suddenly, going grocery shopping is a big and somewhat scary deal. The threat of getting the virus creates a run-back-home state of mind.

Hardest Hit

Of course, long-term care facilities are the hardest impacted by the virus, due to the heightened vulnerability of seniors and other residents. Grief is around every corner.

It’s one thing to carefully look both ways before crossing the road, but where do you look when there is an invisible danger?

Levels of anxiety and depression have dramatically risen since self-isolation began; and, at times, the pressure of it all feels immense.

We are alone and yet in it together – all at the same time.

It may sound weird, but I feel as though the world has caught up to me. I wrote a blog post more than a year ago about my need to self-isolate during the winter months in Cough Alert.  My breathing is fragile and I do not take it for granted. I admit I did feel left out, annoyed, and lonely at first – but after the third year of staying in my bubble during flu season, it became my new ‘winter’ normal. I adjusted.

There is a lot of talk about ‘the next wave’. But wait… has this one ended yet?

Healthcare providers are turning themselves inside out to keep up with the demand and prepare for worst-case scenarios.

And suddenly, personal care providers, grocery store clerks, and janitors are receiving long-overdue acknowledgment for their work contributions to society.


Let’s hope this has a lasting effect.

This week our province will begin a gradual opening of local parks, businesses, and stores (limited to those not located within shopping malls). Caution is still recommended. Social distancing rules must be followed.

My gut tells me that this will test the viral wave out there, and I certainly hope it will not rear up again.

I, for one, will not be throwing caution to the wind. My days of indulging in risky behaviour are long behind me, and thankfully, my partner appreciates my vulnerability and intends to be my ever-loving and caring, bubble buddy.

Stay safe folks. May the force be with you.

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