Help Is A Gift

Help Is A Gift

Help is a gift that needs no unpacking. It comes in many sizes, shapes, and actions, and, it surpasses the rules of time and space.

Plain and simple, help, is a spiritual transformation from one heart to another.

You can visually see action, or hold up a by-product of help, but the formless emotion that occurs, as a result, is intangible.

Let’s face it, we are conditioned from an early age to be independent. This explains why no one likes to admit they need help.

Truth be told, however, we all encounter times when we need assistance.

I happen to know a lot about how it feels to be on the receiving end of personal care, but I’m not referring to that level of assistance. Instead, what I’m talking about here, is good neighbourly help and kindness.

Neighbours Are Seldom Chosen

Unlike most relationships, neighbours are seldom chosen. It’s not as if you can instruct a real estate agent to check out the people living next to a house that has caught your eye. Oh sure, you might quickly assess the tone of the street – but for the most part, homebuyers focus on the cost and condition of a house, not who lives next door.

To my way of thinking, a house doesn’t become a home until you move in and make it your own. However, once renovations and furnishings are in order, interests begin to spill out into the street.

The curiosity of who’s who becomes a worthy topic for daily conversation. A friendly wave, a cheery smile, even a passing nod takes on new meaning. It’s your ‘hood’ now and it feels good to be recognized.

We lucked out with our most recent home purchase because the people in the homes around us exude a genuine warmth of welcome.

To our immediate right, we’ve become good friends with the couple who live next door. And, while we do on occasion get together, it’s more common for us to help one another in other good neighbourly ways.

We pet sit for each other and often find a lovely meal in the fridge upon our return. Casserole pans and Tupperware dishes go back and forth with surprising frequency. And, being aware of our limitations, they kindly cut our lawn and trim our bushes.

It Gets Better

But wait, it gets better.

The gentleman, whom we now, in good-humor, refer to as ‘Mr. Safety’ (and for good reason, I might add) assists us with the more physical homeowner type of jobs.

For example, while sitting here, typing at my desk this evening, I see Christmas lights sparkle on the trees outside my office window.

Mr. Safety’s intangible gift of kindness now glows outward as well as within me.

Help – is a heart to heart kind of giving.


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