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Neuromuscular Reconstruction

Neuromuscular Reconstruction: Revolutionary Bionic Hands

Neuromuscular Reconstruction Imagine a world where amputees can effortlessly control their prosthetic limbs, with the dexterity and finesse that rivals the movements of their natural hand. A world where typing, picking up small objects, and performing various tasks become second nature once again. Thanks to the groundbreaking advancements in neuromuscular reconstruction, this vision is no …

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Parkinson's Awareness

Parkinson’s Awareness – Affects 7 Million

April is Parkinson’s Disease awareness month. Awareness for Parkinson’s is critical because increased awareness elevates the attention directed toward seeking research funding. No Cure Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is named after James Parkinson, a neurosurgeon who first identified the ‘shaking palsy’ condition. He was born in England on April 11th, so that is now known as the official awareness …

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Accessible Emojis

Accessible Emojis – Disability Inclusion

How would you like to be able to use an accessible emoji? Apple Inc. For anything computer related, APPLE Inc. pretty much sets the standard. iMacs, iPads, and iPhones, already many built-in accessibility features such as, the voice over built-in screen reader, dictation, text to speech, text enlargement and contrast, and a switch control that enables the …

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