Disability: Standing With Pride

No two people are alike, and that would include people who live with a disability. Yet, if there is one common denominator shared amongst them all, I would venture to say it would be feelings associated with shame.  

Soul Love: Mother’s Day

Of course, we don’t need a reminder to love our mothers but, from what I can see, today’s the day to let her know.
How can I do that?

Discomfort Is A Big Distraction

Discomfort is a big distraction, and, today, it is demanding my attention. I swear that my foot is eight times larger than usual. How do you lean into pain and what does that even mean? 

Trust Yourself – Your Most Important Mindset

Happy 2018! Having trust in yourself is an important mindset that will see you through the New Year and beyond.

Help Is A Gift

Help is a gift that needs no unpacking. It comes in many sizes, shapes, and actions, and, it surpasses the rules of time and space. Good neighbourly giving it the best.

Lost In The Weeds Of Life

Everyone feels lost in the weeds of life at times. When illness and disability are in the mix it can happen more often than not.

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